Why Pond’s Ponderings?

In administrivia on 17 July 2010 by pondsponderings

Hello, world.

With that traditional greeting out of the way, allow me to answer the titular question.

Why Pond’s Ponderings?

Since June of 2005, I’ve been blogging on professional matters over at Ward Pond’s SQL Server blog.  I’ve never been hesitant to comment on personal matters over there, but lately I’ve had a couple of near-misses (I’ve almost posted something I probably would’ve regretted saying on company bandwidth..  nothing controversial or subversive or anything..  I mean..  how many more baseball posts can I write on a company blog?

In concert with debut of my personal website,, earlier today, I thought it would be appropriate to fire up a personal blog as well.

So here it is.

Well, that was interesting, but I meant, “Why is it called ‘Pond’s Ponderings’?”

Gary London was my boss in the first technical job I ever got without my dad’s help.  He taught me to keep a notebook close by for those moments when inspiration struck, but we kept writing in each other’s notebooks.  So he wrote POND’S PONDERINGS in block letters across the top of mine.

Besides being nicely alliterative, Gary’s turn of phrase also describes nicely what I hope to share here..  random thoughts on whatever I’m noticing at the time that isn’t SQL Server related.

If this space is nothing more than an outlet for me, then it serves its most fundamental purpose (blogging is, at a level, a narcissistic activity).  If a community of diverse people builds around my ramblings..  well, that would be a lot of fun.

Time, of course, will be the ultimate judge.

Thanks for looking in!  Hope to see you again soon.